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Valencia: Everything You Love About Barcelona Without the Hordes :)

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled. That has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

If you’re like most travelers, a trip to Spain means visiting one of the world's most exciting cities, with fabulous food, splendid Mediterranean beaches, and a world class nightlife. OK, that does sound a lot like Barcelona, but unfortunately that’s what millions of other travelers are thinking. This infatuation with the Catalonian capital, has inundated Barcelona with hordes of tourists, and created exasperating congestion, rising prices, and put a massive strain on the infrastructure. What’s worse is it’s becoming more difficult to get reservations at your favorite restaurant. Just sayin.

We know that first time visitors are unlikely to abandon their bucket lists altogether, but even spending a few of your vacation days in a more relaxed, (but no less magnificent) destination, like Valencia, can make a spectacular vacation even more memorable, and will also benefit our favorite, but beleaguered, ports of call.

The History: If you know anything about Valencia, it’s probably that it’s the birthplace of Paella, but Valencia is more than fish stew (sorry). It’s a city steeped in a history that dates back to at least the 2nd century BC. when it was a Roman Colony known as Valentia Edetanorum.
Weather: Located on the East coast of the Iberian Peninsula, where the River Turia meets the Mediterranean Sea. Valencia has miles of spectacular beaches, and is blessed with a bright sunny weather throughout the year.
Iconic architecture: Valencia has a wealth of notable attractions to explore, including the Catedral Santa Maria, the splendid La Lontja de la Seda, and the city’s futuristic masterpiece; Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias
Food: The home of paella, boasts some of Spain’s most honored culinary standards, in a country that is a mecca for many of the top restaurants in Europe and the world.
Rockin’ Nightlife: Let’s face it Spain is a party country, and Valencia’s vibrant nightclub scene, with its spectacular rooftop venues and great venues like the garden on top of the Arts and Sciences Museum will not disappoint. Or grab an “Agua de Valencia.” at one of Valencia’s outdoor cafes or wine bars.
Jardín del Turia: A six mile section of the Turia river bed has been reimagined as Spain’s coolest-urban park, complete with meandering paths for walking or biking, multiple sporting activities, a Gulliver-the-Giant-inspired child park, and the other worldly Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias.

What people are saying about Valencia:

  • Travelers interested in local food should focus on paella ... While the city contains many monuments, Valencia’s modern crown jewel is the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex of museums, cinemas, theaters, and more.This trip was so well thought for us by Tripmasters ... they did a good job of choosing the proper flights and hotels in the right areas. —Tammin E.

  • I love TripMasters! This is a great way to save money but still very easy to customize to your own preferences. The large selection of hotels is great for all budgets and there are some very nice hotels to select. I especially loved my hotel in Valencia. I am already planning my next trip! —Jennifer G.

Let’s Go:

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