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Classic and Cool Without the Crowds :)

Bologna, may not be the first city that comes to mind when planning your next (or first) trip to Italy, but it’s well worth a closer look. While visitors to iconic cities like Rome, Florence or Venice, have become accustomed to interminable crowds and increasing congestion, Bologna offers a more relaxed, and in many ways a more authentic Italian experience.

In Bologna visitors can immerse themselves in the classic art, architecture and culture of Italy. With dozens of museums, sprawling plazas, a world renowned cuisine, and an abundance of traditional and contemporary entertainment.

The university of Bologna, founded here in 1088, remains one of the world’s leading academic institutions, and its immense student and faculty community helps make this one of Europe’s most vibrant, and sophisticated cities.

Located halfway between Venice and Florence, less than 2 hours (by car or train) from either, Bologna is a perfect place to recharge when traveling between the two, or as the lead destination on your next Italian adventure. Either way, Bologna never disappoints.

The History and Culture: Expansive collections of permanent attractions, as well as endless special events, and exhibitions rotating with the seasons. 50 different museums and art galleries, colonnades, porticoes and other well preserved architectural treasures, the Piazza Maggiore, dominated by the Basilica of San Petronio, and elaborately decorated by the unforgettable Neptune Fountain. The entire city is a vast exhibition: Museums and Galleries.
The Streets and Shops: Many of Italy’s most picturesque streets can be found in the old market of Quadrilatero, including the Via Drapperie, with its cobblestones, towering buildings on either side, beguiling food stalls, crowded shops, flower stands, and cafes spilling out onto the streets:
Traditional Cuisine: Most Italians from other cities will reluctantly admit that Bologna’s cuisine is incomparable. Fresh foods from nearby farms are the staples of local trattorias, osterias and ristorantes, where tortellini, tortelloni, and tagliatelle are still made by hand, and the Bolognese sauces are the real deal. Eataly World opened just a few years ago with more than 30 new restaurants, a huge market and multimedia gastronomy.
Modena: Many people know Modena as the birthplace of delicious balsamic vinegar, but for auto enthusiasts this is the home of Lamborghini motor cars, Ducati motorcycles, and the Enzo Ferrari Museum. The iconic cars are themselves manufactured just up the road in Maranello.
Nightlife: Thanks in part to its vibrant student population, Bologna has an abundance of concerts, plays, and nightclubs.

What people are saying about Bologna:

  • We had a great trip! we upgraded our hotel to the Aemilia in Bologna and were really happy. Aemilia was a bit far from the center but we knew that and it was worth it for a quiet, nice hotel. —Joanna O.

  • One of my favorite features was the app, I loved it and used it all the time. Also, we were extremely happy with our hotels for the entire trip. —Ellen T.

  • Our trip was booked with every available means of transportation (air, water taxi, train, rental car, taxi). All of it went off flawlessly - the vouchers explained everything and in every case we arrived on time with no hassle or delay. The hotels were as advertised and we were very pleased with our selections, both the accommodations and the locations. All in all, it was a tremendous experience at an extremely reasonable price. —David S.

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