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The Sacred Valley of the Incas: Exploring Chinchero

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Published by: Tripmasters Article by: Gaby O. Madonna

Believed by the Incas to be the rainbow’s birthplace, Chinchero today is a charming village in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Here, descendants of the Inca Empire still produce colorful crafts using traditional Andean weaving techniques, that are traded in the Chinchero's vibrant artisan market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

I was surprised, and impressed with how environmentally conscious the local people are here. The town, and the nearby vicinity were kept scrupulously clean, even after the endless stream of tourists, shoppers and traders that busily pass through daily.

One of the region’s largest and most typical native markets, visitors can observe locals bartering for fruit, coca leaves, salt, potatoes, and other necessities, while the tourist market offers diverse handicrafts and beautiful woven goods, like this awesome hat.

Speaking of hats!

Once you've seen the market don't miss taking a hike up to Mirador Raqchi, where you can experience the thrill of paragliding, and take in some of the Valley's most extraordinary vistas.

The people of Chinchero are as friendly and cheerful as they are colorful, and never shy away from photos and selfies with the travelers that wind their way through this spectacularly charming little town.

Published by: Tripmasters Article by: Gaby O. Madonna

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